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Officially established upon the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 1993, China Good Agri-products Development& Service Association is a national social organization formed voluntarily by enterprises and institutions engaged in the production, processing, marketing, technology promotion, teaching, research and management of quality agricultural products, farmers’ professional cooperatives and other economic organizations and related personnel in China. At present, the Association has more than 4,000 member units, mainly including leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, agricultural service enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher learning in mainland China, intermediaries providing services in the fields of finance and investment and a certain number of farmers’ professional cooperatives. With 28 branches and representative organizations, it owns leading domestic and foreign think tanks covering agriculture, artificial intelligence, information technology, planning, finance, business, standards and other fields.It registered the first agricultural brand supporting fund with the Ministry of Civil Affairs to guide social capital to actively invest in the agricultural field, established the integrated media center based on traditional and new media such as High Quality Agricultural Products magazine, and new media official account. It compiled and published the China Brand Agriculture Yearbook to comprehensively record and reflect the development of China’s agricultural brands and systematically promote and publicize innovative models and excellent cases of high-quality agricultural brands. In 2015, the Association was rated as a 4A-level national social organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The Association gives priority to the promotion of brand agriculture development, the service for the whole agricultural industry chain and the cultivation of safe and quality agricultural products brands, focuses on “circulation and brand building”, advises to relevant national ministries and commissions and promotes the implementation of agricultural brand development strategy. Guided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, it implements the key tasks related to the development of national brand agriculture; provides planning and branding services for local governments and enterprises and institutions, actively explores, cultivates, supports and promotes the high-quality development model of agricultural industry; guides the building of regional public brands of agricultural products, enterprise brands and product brands, improve quality and integrate production and marketing, so as to promote the high-quality development of agricultural industry.

The Association prioritizes the building brand development system, focuses on brand value research and evaluation system as well as the protection and use of intellectual property rights. It takes the lead in drafting international and national standards for brand value evaluation of agricultural products and promotes the mutual recognition of international standards. It organizes surveys on the influence of regional public brands of agricultural products, releases brand value evaluation results to the society and promotes the effective transformation of brand assets.

In recent years, guided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Association has actively promoted the work related to the production and marketing integration of agricultural products, initiated the establishment of the “Public Welfare Service Alliance for National Agricultural Products Production and Marketing Integration” jointly with All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, Sinochem Group, China Post Group, China UnionPay Group and other organizations, established the National Agricultural Products Production and Marketing Integration Public Welfare Service Platform, extensively collected information on production, supply and demand of agricultural products in various places and organized relevant channels and platforms for production and marketing integration. On this basis, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, it has set up a “farmers’ harvest” channel and a “vegetable basket” zone on the “” learning platform; joined hands with local governments to carry out a series of activities to integrate production and marketing of agricultural products in poor areas and supported local governments in organizing exhibitions and promotion activities for agricultural products. It has provided intelligent services and improved the functions of the platform by making use of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain and other innovative technologies, thus contributing to poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

The Association has been committed to expanding international market development and cooperating with international organizations for many years. It has organized multi-country, multi-level and multi-form market promotion and exchange activities, established communication and cooperation mechanisms with government agencies and NGOs in various countries around the world and provided the government and enterprises with opportunities for in-depth international exchange and brand expansion overseas. It has successfully promoted several regional public brands in China to the international market and built a solid platform for China’s high-quality agricultural products to have more access to the international agricultural products market.

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